Basics to know

It can be hard for you as a small business owner to know what exact services to expect from a web designer and what you should provide in order to get a successful website


So, in general, you should know that any proper web design work consists not only of creating the website, but also the SEO of the website. The latter helps search engines of Google, Bing and others to find your site and its contents. This is a very important and large part of the work, which is not obviously visible for customers, and many even don’t know of its existence.

  • Main website’s requirements you should expect Open or Close

    1. Responsive design! Web pages should look good and be easy to use on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones).
    2. The Website has to be fast and lightweight, so that it can be used with a poor internet connection and will not take too much of users’ mobile internet traffic!
    3. Intuitive navigation is a key of your practice website. When your navigation is intuitive, visitors are able to find information without difficulty or frustration.
    4. User interface’s availability will provide you ability to make changes and fill in the website.
    5. Trustful and dependable hosting service with good customer support, automatic website’s update, and automatic backup!
    6. SEO - search engine optimization (makes sure for Google and other search engines to discover and rank your site).
  • Understanding of the website's costs Open or Close

    Website' prices

    Because our services focus towards individuals and small companies, we offer you basic-design websites, act primarily as an online brochure, establishing a necessary presence online to answer your customers’ questions “do you exist?”, “are you professional?” and “what do you do?” A basic website can be created in the 400 - 2000 euro range.

    A basic website may or may not allow you to interact in a 2-way conversation with your audience (social networking, blogs).

    It will not allow to transact business directly through your site (e-Commerce Functionality), Database Integration, and copyrighting of pages.

    It will enable you to manipulate and update the pages and contents within your site without hiring a web programmer/designer to do it for you, by using Joomla or Wordpress interface. It will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your products.

    The design of your website will, most likely, be templated at such low costs. This means that your site probably mirrors that of other sites on the web. A simple individual design is an option as well.

    It will be responsive using the latest standards to allow your site to look the same on nearly every computer/device and will be minimally Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for natural search engine ranking success.

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  • Your prep work towards creating the site Open or Close

    Take into account that a web designer knows how to make a website and SEO, but has no understanding about your business! That’s why it is a very good idea if you first do your homework:

    1.  You should identify the goal of the website.
    2.  Decide what pages you need on your site and their structure.
    3.  Plan what content will be placed on each page.
    4. Consider that a website cannot exist without images and icons. So, the more of them you collect and provide, the better.
    5. Find websites you like and which could be used as design reference.
    6. Find what websites you consider your competitors.

    All of this information will allow the designer to make the website for you that achieves your goals. If you provide well-prepared information and sufficient material in advance it will reduce the final cost as well.

  • Your prep work towards SEO of your site Open or Close

    Make sure yourself that your website is easy for Google and other search engines to discover and rank.

    Get things right at the beginning, from an SEO perspective, and you’ll save yourself hours and hours of work further down the line fixing a website that wasn’t originally built with SEO in mind.

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How we work with customers

How we work with customers:  Our philosophy is to inform our customers of all potential eventualities in advance.


As a customer you certainly need to know how to contact us, what to expect, what should be done and how.

  • First contact and preparation for work Open or Close

    In case you want to use our services it will work this way:

    You contact us via our contact form and we are going to reply via email. It will be a great help if even at the beginning you will formulate well your needs and estimate the price you wish to pay, so that we have a clear starting point.

    We do not provide the exact price breakdown because the range of the work we offer is wide and differs according to particular needs; however you can get an idea of how costs are made up here. Keep in mind that our services focus towards individuals and small companies, so prices will be reasonable and may be negotiated.

    Our start-up price 400 € + only 3.95 € per month hosting + 11.95 €/year domain registration.

    If you have difficulties to formulate your needs, or you wish to get some information first, feel welcome to ask any questions!

  • Free of charge steps Open or Close

    1. After the first contact, in order to save time and be able to provide you with a good service, we will send you a questionnaire to fill in.
    2. On the basis of this information we shall create the website architecture plan and provide you with the estimated price.
  • Domain name and hosting services Open or Close

    The next step is registration of your domain name and purchase of web hosting service. We are working with SiteGround, with which we have a very good experience. It provides three different plans, CPanel, 24/7 Technical Support, auto updates option, and Free Daily Backup. So we can easily help you to do this.

    In case you already have a domain name and web-hosting, we will skip this step; but you must provide us with access to your account’s details. Pay attention, that in this case: 

    • Your web-hosting service should support Joomla or Wordpress CMS!
    • Your web-hosting service should have a CPanel!
    • We are going to make for you a well-functioning website, but will not be responsible for the updates and backups of it and of any other issues concerning the web-hosting services and domain services!
  • Chargeable steps Open or Close

    After a partial prepayment we will start:

    1. Joomla or Wordpress installation on the host server (after this is done you will be able to access your website and see the development process).
    2. The development of a website’s structure.
    3. Creating pages, navigation, breadcrumbs, footer structure (this significant step demands from you providing us first with content such as texts, images, audio files, video files. Pay attention, our help to create the content for you will require additional fee!
    4. Additive extra functionality to the website, such as carousel, accordion, photo gallery and much more…
    5. Styling the website (on Joomla).
    6. Checking the website’s appearance on different devices and browsers.

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  • Chargeable SEO steps Open or Close

    SEO is a long process, and it is rarely enough to simply launch a website and wait as the leads, sales and revenue start to roll in, and there’s no one “right” way to do SEO - since every website is different, everyone’s SEO strategy is ever so slightly unique.

    But keep in mind that if you wish that your website becomes successful you should pay serious attention to the SEO, and get things right at the beginning, from an SEO perspective.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Why not to make a website yourself? Open or Close

    Yes, with advances in business models, content management systems, and software, there are now amazing online tools you can use to create a good website by yourself.

    However, it’s important to note – these tools are often complicated and our (general) audience is still not comfortable learning and using these tools. Similar to the above – these sites are highly configurable, but still require some coding, graphic design, and other knowledge to cull out of them a custom, attractive look.

    So, you should consider that although you may save some money, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time to learn how to do this, and, in the end, you will most likely still not be satisfied and may have to recruit help anyway!

  • Why not to use Facebook as a website? Open or Close

    One of the most common questions people ask is, why do I need to pay for a website at all, why not just use e.g. Facebook to advertise my business for free?

    While social media sites boast a lot of benefits, there are a few major reasons why you should still invest in a website for your business:

    • Your Website is Your Digital Storefront (Not having a website would be like not having a physical place of business)
    • If You Only Have a Facebook Page, You Will Struggle to Rank Organically (Websites are absolutely necessary for SEO; Facebook and other social media sites will help you to rank, but without a website you will have little luck of ever ranking on the first page of results)
    • Facebook Does Not Offer a Lot of Flexibility for Sharing Information (Facebook pages, and other social media sites, are very limited in the amount of content you can add. While you can add a nice description and post daily updates, you cannot create pages and pages of content about your company history, services, and examples of work, like you can on a website)
    • A Website Offers More Creative Freedom (you can design a website that is unique and fits your goals. Facebook allows for little creative freedom)
    • Facebook Has Limited Analytics (Although Facebook does have some awesome analytics, they are nowhere near as awesome as what Google offers. Google Analytics, as well as other major statistics packages, offers amazing insights into how users are interacting with your website)