Home computing help for individuals to common problems on Windows OS PC and Android OS on android devices.

  • You've bought a new PC running Windows... Open or Close

    Our experience shows that:

    There are plenty of people, even highly qualified specialists in their own domain, who don't have time or mind to learn how to use properly their PC, and as a result a lot of precious time is lost in vain. They try to get help from IT experts, but often this doesn't work because the two parties speak completely different languages and belong to different dimensions. But the ability to help always starts with the understanding of the problem.

    So, if you have bought a new Windows PC and don't know how to start, if your printer suddenly stopped working, or you've lost an important file and you are not able to find it, or a new application has to be installed, or you face plenty of other similar problems, you are welcome to contact us.

    Because we understand that nobody can know everything and what is easy for one could be difficult for another, this could be a real problem!

  • What you have to know to avoid the greatest disaster... Open or Close

    A few common things can completely destroy your business life:

    • Loss of your data in most cases is a disaster number one! You can buy a new device and a new application, but if your data is lost, it is lost forever! So, the backup of your data is the most important step to prevent it!
    • You've got an important job to do, but something is wrong with your PC. It is working too slow or some applications hang and stop responding to your clicks and keystrokes. In many cases it means your PC is infected by some malicious software. The best way to protect your PC is a preventive method, which means installation on your PC of an anti-malware application before the problem starts!
    • Your computer has stopped working completely! Earlier or later this sad incident will happen to most of us. The cause of this could be software or hardware problems. To be able to come out of this nightmare with minimum pain you need to have a few things done in advance: create a system image and system repair disk, make a regular backup of your data, make a backup of all your accounts (usernames and passwords), make a backup of all your applications, so that you will be able to install them again, if necessary.

    All these easy precautions done in advance will safe you a lot of time, trouble, and money. If you don't know how to do this, we offer you our help!

  • Android OS is an intuitive OS, but not for you!.. Open or Close

    If you have an Android device and find that it is hard to figure out how to use it

    • You should know - this is not really so!
    • A few changes of settings on the Android interface, and a some simple advice, will change your opinion (this has already been tested on many customers).
    • If you don't have anybody to help you with this, feel welcome to contact us.
  • You've got difficulties with frequently used applications... Open or Close

    applications' problems

    If you have to use some of the applications listed below:

    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, PowerISO

    And you have difficulties with them, we can provide you with useful tips, some coaching, and if you are interested, some specific tutorials covering your needs.

    Or, you have to work with different file formats, but don't know how, and don't have the necessary applications:

    In most cases, nowadays, this should not be a problem, we can surely find a solution for you.